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(Primary 6)

Comprehension Supplementary Course

(Module 2)

2021 P6 Comprehension Supplementary Cour

      We are glad to inform that our Year 2020 PSLE achieved 100% passing rate, with 92% and above of our students scored A or A* for Chinese. To give your child and extra boost in mastery of comprehension skills and answering techniques in the Chinese Language exams, we have prepared a Comprehension Supplementary course for your child to sign up. Class schedule and course fee are as shown below:



       Vacancy is on first-come-first-served basis. Should you have further queries, please contact our Centre's administrative staff. 

*Note: This course is NOT necessary for those who take the Chinese Language (CL) course or Composition, Comprehension & Oral (CCO) course at our centre.

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