Notice: Vesak Day Lesson Wednesday (26 May 2021) 
will be shifted to Tuesday (25 may 2021) online zoom class.

Vesak Day online lesson Wednesday (26 May 2021) will be shifted to Tuesday (25 may 2021) online zoom class.

Updates on COVID-19: Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) 

Important Notice on Lessons from 19 to 30 May 2021

Important Notice and Strengthening of Precautionary Measures

Dear Parents,


          In view of the increase in community cases, we would like to urge everyone to comply with the following measures so that we can continue to provide a safe learning environment for your child and our students:

  1. Mandatory Usage of TraceTogether App or Token for SafeEntry


       To reinforce the nation’s effort to curb transmission of covid-19, entry into school premises has to be only by TraceTogether App or 

       Token with effect from 17 May 2021. Students and visitors are NOT allowed to enter the school by using Student ID card or through

       manual input of NRIC.


       Students are strongly advised to bring the token before the effective date to familiarize with the check-in procedures.


       *For tokens with weak batteries or not functioning, parents can visit the community centres to replace them otherwise the gateway

       device may not be able to detect the token.


   2. Online Health Declaration Form for every visit


        Parents or anyone who needs to enter the school premises are required to complete an online Health Declaration Form. Please scan

        the QR code and complete at the entrance BEFORE entering. Completion and submission of the Health Declaration Form is 

        compulsory for every visit.


   3. Maintain high level of hygiene


        As we continue to maintain a safe and proper environment for students, there will be NO FOOD CONSUMPTI ON in the classroom

        with immediate effect. Students are encouraged to have their meal before lesson starts. Only plain water is allowed and students are

        required to put on their mask immediately after drinking water. No other drinks or beverages are allowed (coffee, bubble tea, etc).


   4. Safe distancing within the school premises


        The admin office will only allow up to maximum of 2 persons at one time. Parents are required to wait outside the entrance upon

        completion of Health Declaration Form. Safe distancing of 1 metre has to be maintained at all times.

   5. Screening


        Students who are unwell or who have household members on Home Quarantine Order/Stay Home Notice or have household

        members with flu-like symptoms, fever or cough, are required to stay away from school. If you have taken the swab test, please

        ensure test results is negative and are feeling well before returning for classes.

          While the measures may cause some inconveniences, they are necessary and we hope everyone could comply with the measures to safeguard the health and safety of our students and staff. We seek your kind understanding and cooperation in the above measures. Let’s overcome the pandemic together.

Thank You.


The Management

Busy Bees Learning Centre